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Nederlandse versie

last modified: November 15 2018.

This is the preliminary Open Boek website.

Open Boek is a text indexing and retrieval system, optimized for historical and archeological PDF or HTML documents in the dutch language. Modules for other languages, e.g. english, are in preparation. Important features are the semantic enrichment by machine learning techniques. In this version of Open Boek (version 2.0), we demonstrate the tagging and indexing of numbers and chronological references, regardless of the notation. We also offer geographical disambiguation, searching on geographical distances and the automatic linking of spatial coordinates in the text to Googlemaps.

If you encounter problems, either with this page (missing links) or with the downloading and installation of Open Boek, please email me: Hans Paijmans, Universiteit van Tilburg,

Download of version 2.01

Important: Open Boek needs a LAMP environment (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP). Download here. The installation and user manuals are included as install.pdf and user.pdf . Unzip the openboek.tgz file somewhere in the documentroot of Apache.

The manual

A manual for version 3 can be consulted here in pdf and here in HTML ( last modified: November 15 2018 ) , but it still is work in progress. The user interface of the retrieval engine is more or less unchanged.

Services offered

The text of individual databases or even documents can be protected by passwords, but Open Boek can also deliver indexing services to institutions that do not want on-line access to their data, or that want to build retrieval applications of their own.

Downloading and licensing

Open Boek, like all software developed in CATCH projects, is licensed under the GPL. In turn, it uses some other programs that all are Open Source, but may use other conditions or licences: it is your own responsibility to read the conditions of use of that software and comply with them.
Please note that we almost exclusively test with Linux and Firefox. We hope that Internet Explorer does not break our system; please email us if you see anything unusual. In any case, use of Internet Explorer is deplored as it lacks features such as tabbed browsing.

Finally: use this software at your own risk.